Huntington Beach, CA — Co-founder of TPC Insurance Agency, and newly created Nickerson Partners Insurance Agency, my agency is looking to provide affordable health insurance, life insurance and retirement services through-out California and several other states. As an authorized Independent Agency, we are devoted to offering affordable employee benefits plans for businesses of all sizes. The Agency offers retirement services and life insurance that can help meet the client’s needs. Our agency is seasoned with industry experts in providing health insurance, life insurance and retirement services. After a successful career in the defense and aerospace and office solutions industry, our CEO graduated from a service engineer to Vice President of Service Operations, bringing years of customer service and business solutions and problem solving with him to the insurance industry.
When it comes to customer care and satisfaction, our CEO pulls from his own experience as a small business owner. For the past several years, Chris has and still helps operate a successful court reporting and deposition service company alongside his wife.

“I understand the dynamics of running my own business and know how to save money on employee benefits, and services while providing the best coverage possible. Problem solving to provide the right benefits and careful solution planning for my clients is my passion,” said Mr. Nickerson.

Founded in 2013 TPC Insurance Agency, now Nickerson Partners Insurance Agency, offers affordable employee benefits for businesses of all sizes, helping them save on their insurance costs while offering better benefits especially in the areas that really matter the most. Our business also assists clients with safe retirement and life insurance planning strategies.