The products and services we offer

Disability Insurance
We offer individual and group disability insurance.
Help cover expenses when you are to sick or injured to work. 

Financial Planning
We are experts in thinking about the long term. Nickerson Partners Insurance Agency helps customers throughout California to help plan for retirement, unemployment, and the unexpected.
Talk to us today about mapping out your financial future.

Health Insurance Small & Large Group Benefits
We provide expert advice in making the best decision possible when it comes to health coverage for your business or family. We service all business sizes from small to large groups. We will consult with your business at no charge and will explain all your options and assist in your decision process.
Individual and Family plans are available through Covered California and Off Exchange. We are appointed with all carriers to provide you with the best options possible. We also offer Health Sharing; we are happy to explain this option.

Medi-Care Support & Coverage
If you are turning 65 or considering retirement and are moving from group coverage to Medi-Care, there are several items to consider that can have an adverse effect on your retirement planning. We have years of experience in guiding our clientele through the A, B, C and even the D’s of Medi-Care.

Life Insurance
This could be one of the most important decisions that a person can make for the protection of your family. We offer permanent and term life insurance from only
A- rated companies. We offer guaranteed acceptance for group life as well as individual guaranteed acceptance.

Employee Benefits
My team will consult with your business and employees and advise at no cost to help ensure that your employee’s benefits fit your budget and get you the best coverage and service possible.

Business Protection Planning
Business Overhead Expense Policy does your policy cover your salary, mortgage, or lease?
Key-Man Policy
Workers’ compensation, Plus much more!